How Does Conversational Management Help You Build An 'Always On' Talent Development Engine?
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We know some companies really want to 'kick the tires' on a new initiative before they decide to implement it across the organization. That's why we created a way to do just that...get a true feel for how Conversational Management would benefit their people and fit with their culture.

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See how we we train managers to become world class people developers through a program overview. 


Learn the core communication (coaching) model through experiential learning.


Experience the tools and support we give participants that drive the behavioral changes...
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There is nothing more enlightening than experiencing something for yourself...which is why we've made taking the program for a test drive easy...and completely risk free.

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Video Case Study: Applied Imaging

This program has completely 
transformed how we develop and empower our employees.

 John Lowery
CEO - Applied Imaging


What Past Participants Have To Say:

"Like A Light Was Turned On..."

“We weren't developing an engaging culture. We were stuck in that command & control modality. And, our leaders and managers were thinking they had to make every decision for their department. And through the training, it was like a light was turned on. It’s not about (me or my managers) having answers...It's all about helping our people be able to make them on their own.

- Brian Potter / CEO, Architectural Metals Inc

"A 10x Return On Our Investment."

"Conversational Management has helped us empower people at all levels of the organization, which for someone in my role, that's huge, you know, building that trust with employees. And because culture is such a huge part of our day to day, we have seen a ten-fold ROI on our investment."

Ann Embre / HR Manager, Applied Imaging

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